6 Reasons Why Vinyl Plank Outperforms Ceramic Tile

6 Reasons Why Vinyl Plank Outperforms Ceramic Tile

Vinyl planks are sweeping the flooring business for good reason! As technology evolves, so does the engineering of the flooring we place in our homes.

Vinyl Plank

If you’re debating between the two alternatives, here are seven reasons why vinyl plank is a better choice than ceramic tile:

Faster and simpler

Ceramic tile installation is time-consuming and labor-intensive, so you should hire a professional if you want it done correctly. Vinyl plank is easy to install and takes 60% less time than ceramic tile. They may be put immediately over your current hard surface floor.


Vinyl plank and ceramic tile are both renowned to be long-lasting flooring solutions. Ceramic, on the other hand, can chip and shatter with time. Ceramic tile is more prone to damage than vinyl plank (imagine dropping anything heavy on the surface). If you have children or pets, vinyl plank is a better alternative.

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Aesthetic Appeal

Vinyl planks are available in a variety of tile-like appearances. Vinyl can simulate the appearance of ceramic (or any other flooring type) in a way that is practically indistinguishable from the real thing thanks to photographic technology. Furthermore, the extra layer helps the planks to resist prolonged use.

Less mess

The preparation for installing ceramic tile is a shambles. There is a lot of dust in the process since you have to pull up the flooring and make sure the surface is even before installing it. There is minimal to no dust while cutting the ADURA® floating flooring. Vinyl plank is also less difficult to clean after installation.

There is no downtime

There is no need to wait for the floor to cure or dry with vinyl plank. You may start living on it right immediately!

Not as long-lasting

Ceramic tile can be extremely difficult to remove once it has been put. If you enjoy changing trends and home design aspects, floating vinyl plank flooring are easy to remove and replace.

If you enjoy the look of ceramic tile flooring, we have a variety of vinyl plank alternatives that are similar. When you pick vinyl planks, you don’t have to sacrifice style!

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